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In the woods you happen across a clearing full of strangely beautiful beings...

Elves inhabit homes that are deep inside the woods, carved into hollowed trees, or underneath the earth often in a hill.

Elves were seen as both a point of fear and curiosity in early societies. They were often known to be sociable and even friendly to humans, but they were still greatly feared because of their temper. If they perceived a human to have harmed or offended them in any way, they were quick to retaliate with a punishment. Common punishments included illness, night terrors, and cruel tricks and attacks directed towards the victim. It is noted, however, that the elves did sometimes help cure sicknesses in some instances. 

Curiously enough, it was thought that elves sometimes valued human babies over their own kind.


Place electric tea light inside this cozy little cottage to illuminate its windows, or use as a secret stash jar for all your magickal treasures.

Elf Stump - Tea Light Holder/Jar

  • Each piece is unique. Depending on added embellishments, color blending, etc. products will differ slightly from the photos.

    Approx. 4.5" tall, and hand sculpted from polymer clay around a glass jar with lid. Hand painted with acrylic.