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 The Ankh symbol refers not just to life on Earth as we know it, but the afterlife as well.

Beautifully accent your sacred space with this artisan created trinket jar. Each piece is one of a kind, hand sculpted and painted with shades of copper, gold and silver metallic.  Whimsical textures throughout, this jar can be used to store so many things.


The Ankh is one of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egypt, known as "the key of life" or the "cross of life". It is a cross with a loop at the top sometimes ornamented with symbols or decorative flourishes but most often simply a plain gold cross.

Key of Life

  • Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

    Depending on added embellishments, color blending, etc. products will be similar, but will differ slightly from the photos.

    Approx. 2.5" tall x 3" diameter, artisan hand sculpted from polymer clay around an 8 oz tin with ornate lid. Hand painted with acrylic.