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Handmade and created with set intentions, these pretty bracelets embody 

6mm Larvikite semi-precious stones, accented with a sterling silver plated charm of your choice.

18 cm (Women's size)


Larvikite - Grounding - Protective - Patience

a protective and grounding stone.  It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature.  Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities.  It allows us to see the past, providing clarity to visions of past life recall.  Larvikite can neutralise and cancel spells that are no longer wanted.  It repels negative energy. 

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Aquarius
Element - Water


The Skull represents life and death while the Rose represents beauty and love. Together, the skull and rose symbolize a struggle between the beautiful and the ugly in times of evil versus good.

Larvikite Bracelet

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
  • Each piece is unique. Depending on natural pattern in the beads,  products will differ slightly from the photos.

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