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Keep your eyes open when out for a stroll...

Pixies are so tiny that they can sit in your palm or rest under the shade of a mushroom. They may be small, but they are rich in magical power, and often use their powers to bring a smile to the face of a human friend.
Although adventurous and fond of exploring, Pixies are also very attached to their homes. If there is a way to provoke the wrath of these happy-go-lucky little people, it is to threaten their homes, which they have defended from monks and fairies on numerous occasions.


Place electric tea light inside this cozy little cottage to illuminate its windows, or use as a secret stash jar for all your magickal treasures.

Pixie House - Tea Light Holder/Jar

  • Each piece is unique. Depending on added embellishments, color blending, etc. products will differ slightly from the photos.

    Approx. 6" tall, and hand sculpted from polymer clay around a glass jar with lid. Hand painted with acrylic.