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Inspired by the power of change and transition. The crow is a symbol of metamorphosis or change. More importantly, it alludes to a shift in one's spiritual or emotional well-being. Adaptability, cleverness and intelligence, teamwork and reciprocity, transformation, and psychic abilities are just some of the symbo;ism associated with this mysterious beauty.

Did you know that crows live on every continent except Antarctica?


Media: Watercolour, Acrylic & Pyrography on wooden canvas frame, 12" x 16"

*** These are original prints, not mechanically produced reproductions, each one is made indepedantly of another so no two are ever the same.  Colours are customizable.


Why are they not framed?  Simply, I feel each person has very differnet preferences when it comes to framing, and it also saves a lot on shipping costs. Bonus!

If you would like it framed, I can quote examples  and shipping for you.

Rise of the Raven

  • Each piece is unique. These are not prints, therefore depending on colors and blending, etc. products may differ slightly from the photos.

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