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Embelished with the pentacle, embracing all 5 of the elements in this 

handcrafted clay and classic obsidian gemstone pendant.


Obsidian is a truth-enhancing volcanic glass.  A strongly protective and shielding stone, against negativity.  It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment.  Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. and brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas while promoting qualities of compassion and strength.


Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element - Earth/Fire


Each one is unique and has distinctive details throughout.

This large, hand crafted pendant is scultped from polymer clay and comes on faux leather adjustable cord. (Pendant Approx. 3")


Spirit Protection Pendant