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Image by Austin Chan

Notable Projects

I am always experimenting with new media and trying new projects, some of these end up being one of a kind finds, due to the availability of resources. 

Here are some oddball projects that I have completed.

The sky is the limit, dont be shy! If you have a project in mind, message me with your ideas and we can work together to make it happen!

Mouse skull4_edited.jpg

Mouse Skull Pendant

This poor little guy was found while renovating, and given to me by a family member. 

I encased the skull in resin and made a sparkly cabochon then it mounted it on a pendant setting.

This one of a kind item didnt take long to get noticed, and made a unique birthday gift for the buyer's sister.

Puppy Portraits

Who doesnt love thier Pup, right? 

Portraits are a fantastic gift for family or friends that are hard to buy for! Here are a few paintings that I gifted to my family.

louis portrait (2)_edited.jpg
Pheobe 2.jpg
simon protrait.jpg

Mystical Birdhouses

Invite your feathered friends to move on into this whimsical little shack.
Handmade from bird friendly wood, branches and other materials. No harmful chemicals are used in building. 

Because no bird should ever be homeless!


Stay Tuned For More Magick to Come...

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